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When one of your employees becomes ill, the relevant employee will report this to you and to JAM!. We are responsible for the entire policy in the event of an illness. In accordance with regular legislation and regulations, we simply pay your employee and assist him or her during reintegration. You no longer have to worry about this. And we will cover the costs of payment.

When your employees are employed by JAM!, the following ABU collective labour agreement applies: the CLA for temporary workers.

JAM! pays out on the payment dates that you request. By default we keep the same payment dates that your company has always used, or wishes to use. The options include, for example, weekly, four weekly or monthly pay.

With JAM! payroll your employees will legally be employed by us. Your employees will in future be paid by JAM! Your employees will see the JAM! logo on their payslips. Nothing changes in the workplace. You remain solely responsible for executive activities.

When you switch to the payroll services of JAM!, we take over existing and new contracts from you. Your employees will receive a new contract from JAM!, which replaces the current contract. This means that you can easily transfer your current employees to JAM!.

If it turns out that you are short staffed, then JAM! will ensure that these open positions are filled. In addition to our administrative services, we have our own group of employees who are flexible employable. Do you need longer term employees? Then we can also recruit employees and hold application rounds.

JAM! also provides payroll in other industries, on request. If you have a company in another industry, please contact us.


JAM! payroll takes over employment legalities for you. Your employees legally become JAM! employees. They are therefore on our payroll, but work for you. You outsource personnel administration and the related risks and responsibilities to JAM!.

JAM! uses a fixed conversion factor per hour worked. This factor represents a surcharge relative to the gross salary. The conversion factor covers all payroll costs, so you are never confronted with an additional tax. In addition to this, your employment costs will drop – in most cases you save up to 5%.

Want to know for certain what payroll will cost for your company? Or how much you can save? Do the cost check or request an obligation free quote.

The conversion factor per hour worked, consists of various elements. The rate is based on regular employers’ contributions, such as wages, premiums and taxes, holidays and vacation pay, as well as a healthcare cover. In addition, there is a margin for JAM!.

Payroll means outsourcing employment administration. Daily management therefore remains your responsibility. In practice, you share the employment with JAM!. You remain responsible for all executive activities – think of recruitment and selection of employees, guidance, training, scheduling, etc. You also have to take out liability insurance yourself. JAM! does, however, take over the administrative tasks within your organization and provide all the necessary paperwork.

JAM! payroll takes over the legalities of employing for you. Your employees will be on our payroll. In addition, we take over all risks and administrative responsibilities for you. When you just outsource the payroll administration, risks and administrative responsibilities remain your own workload.

JAM! payroll takes over a part of your employer responsibilities. Your employees will be on our payroll. Despite your employees formally being employed by JAM!, they work only for you. This is the big difference compared to the hiring of temporary employees, which are normally used by various clients. In addition, you remain responsible for the recruitment and selection of employees. This is usually the responsibility of the temporary employment agency.

The payroll services of JAM! are of interest for every company, regardless of the size of the employee file. With the payroll services of JAM! you can be certain of the most accurate handling of all your personnel matters. You no longer have to stress about (changing) rules and legislation because JAM! takes over these duties for you. Of course, your employees are always paid correctly on the due day. For questions and information about services, you can always contact your personal contact person at JAM!.