We take over your employer’s responsibilities


  • We take care of continued payment of salary during illness and incapacity for work
  • Worrying about liabilities or juridical consequences is a past issue
  • You remain in charge of your own workplace
  • We also provide permanent contracts
detachering service van jam secondment

Employer’s responsibilities and risks are for our account

A cooperation with us means you’re in for big advantages. Our secondment entails that JAM! takes over the employer’s responsibilities and risks: think of continued payment during illness and incapacity for work. JAM! pays your employees the salary for the hours that they have missed due to illness. Moreover, our Case Manager makes sure that your ill employees will be integrated with care. You will therefore never have to worry about liabilities or juridical consequences.

You become principal through secondment

Our secondment works as follows: when you become our client, your employees will sign a new contract with us. This contract will self-evidently be discussed and checked with you beforehand. Through this contract, JAM! becomes the official employer, and you are the principal. Your employees are then seconded and hired by you. Naturally, you will stay in charge of your own workplace.

Active role in bringing together labor supply and demand

We fulfill an active role in bringing together supply and demand on the labor market. Are you looking for employees? We can help you with that. Read more about it on our Recruitment page.

Job security for employees

The moment that you become our client, your employees receive a secondment contract without an agency clause. We also provide contracts for an indefinite period, to give your employees more security. Does your workplace fail to provide working hours for someone with a permanent contract, due to unforeseen circumstances? Then we will make sure that that employee is able to work somewhere else. In other words: job security for your employees. Naturally, that makes your workplace much more attractive than your neighbors’! Would you like to receive more information about our secondment? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.