Room for entrepreneurship again because of our all-in HR service


  • You profit from a saving on the total costs of your organisation
  • We take care of contracts, payslips, pension and salary declarations, and more
  • Your personal HR Managers are responsible for the entire HR and payroll process
  • Our back office is the first contact point for your employees
HR Management

Service which leaves room for your entrepreneurship

The cooperation with JAM! leads to a saving of the total costs of your organisation. This saving is very welcome, yet in our eyes that’s only one element of our service. When you enter into a cooperation with us, you save time for actual entrepreneurship. Our HR team stands ready for you.

Business partner and payroll administrator

At JAM!, you’ll be matched to two HR contact persons who will overtake all of your work. They will be in charge of the administrative and juridical duties concerning Human Resources. For you, we are a partner and payroll administrator all in one. We take care of the contracts, payslips, pension and salary declarations, sickness benefits, arbodienst (external health and safety service), reintegration en all other kinds of time-consuming aspects of employment. You won’t be at any risk anymore, for instance with an ill employee.

Our HR Managers will unburden and advise you

JAM!’s HR Managers make sure that the payroll administration and processing goes smoothly. They are responsible for the entire HR and payroll process and the correct payroll processing and payment. They will completely unburden and advise you on improvement areas within your organisation, payrolling included. Moreover, they will signal and discuss all the files on a periodical basis. The HR Managers are your first contact point. Therefore, they gladly come to visit you and handle all of your and your employees’ questions in person.

Informed about the legislation and regulations

The JAM! team offers complete HR service. They are the first contact point for you and your employees. Think of new employments, sickness reports, mutations in the salaries or other employment conditions. Moreover, they signal amendments and they actively advise you on, for instance, labor law, legislation and regulations, and ending contracts. The backoffice, which is under the direction of Sandra, always works together with one of the HR Managers for all of the files. Take a look at our complete JAM! team here.