Never again a shortage of staff


  • Custom made vacancies
  • The first job interviews will be held by our recruiter
  • You remain responsible over which people will be hired
  • We take pictures and videos for your business, that we can use for vacancies
recruitment service van jam

Recruitment service

The scarcity of hospitality staff is hard to deny; it might be very difficult to find talented employees for your business. That’s why we offer our recruitment service. We help you with recruiting fitted candidates, but obviously you decide who will be hired and and to what conditions. How that works, is as follows.

We write custom vacancies for you, post these on our website and in our online campaign, and screen the applications for immediate availability. After that, our recruiter will execute the first round of job interviews. Then, we will introduce the suitable candidates to you on the basis of these interviews. Is it a match? Then the candidate receives a contract with us and he or she can get to work straight away. Whether it’s about an allround service employee, a pizza chef, dishwasher or a general manager of your restaurant – we will find the candidate that you’re looking for. That’s our kind of recruitment. Take a look at our current vacancy page here. Would you like to receive more information? Then get into contact with our recruiter Marlies.

We take pictures and videos of your business

To make sure that your business stands out, it’s very important to have representative impression of your place. Moreover, it makes a vacancy come alive. And it’s more fun! As you might have guessed; we can also help you with this. Think of shots of your sommelier who’s juggling several bottles of red wine, a chef that’s creating a spectacular dish or a bartender who has just poured the perfect beer. With these images, the privacy of your guests is self-evidently taken into account.

We’d like to stop by whenever it suits you best. Obviously, it’s the most fun when you restaurant or bar is actually open. Afterwards, we select the best photos, edit these and send them back for your approval. Do you like them? Then we can use the pictures for our website and our social media, but you’re more than welcome to do this as well! Have you become interested? Then you can get into contact with our Content Creator Wieteke.