Always and everywhere access to your personal MyJAM! portal


  • Creating real time reports of e.g. worked hours, rates, and leave and illness hours
  • Direct access to the chat with our back office team
  • Signing a contract within the blink of an eye via an sms code
  • Client and employee receive automatic notifications of e.g. ending assignments

Your personal portal MyJAM!

In our portal MyJAM!, you, your employees and JAM! are in direct contact with each other through the official app. This way, one can directly chat with our back office team. Moreover, it is possible to create real time reports of e.g. worked hours, rates, leave hours and illness hours and there is a direct link with the commonly used hospitality hour registration systems like L1NDA and Nostradamus.

The advantages for employees

JAM! has really invested in a new portal, so we can guide our clients and employees as well as possible. The result? An increase in our service towards employees. In MyJAM!, employees have direct access to all of their documents and they can review and take up holiday hours within the blink of an eye. Also, it’s possible for them to clock in their hours and upload pictures of receipts in the app for reimbursement. Do employees have a question? Thanks to the smart chatbot, a lot of these can be answered immediately!

The advantages for clients

On the other side, clients have the possibility to let the enrolment of new employees run directly via MyJAM!. They can communicate all of their wishes for this process. The enrolment module is completely digitized: employees can sign their contract within a day by means of an sms code.

Moreover, there are options for the client to create extensive reports in MyJAM!, prolong and end assignments, and completely customize the portal. Also, the client and employees receive automatic notifications of e.g. ending assignments, the end of a trial period and enrolments which are complete. The end result? A client knows everything about his employee at any moment, but also what is expected of this person.

How can I find MyJAM!?

You can find the MyJAM! website via your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, we have an app, that you can download through the App Store or Google Play. Would you like to receive more information about MyJAM!? Then you’re welcome to send us a message.