Hospitality training for a higher productivity and more fun


  • Every employee receives a personal JAM! Academy account
  • Grant your staff access to courses like Social Hygiene, Barista basic training and HACCP
  • Keep an overview of the progress of your employees
  • Create custom made hospitality trainings for your business
JAM! Academy

Train your staff with the JAM! Academy

What changes a hospitality employee into a winning waiter, a kitching king or a duke of dishes? Right: his/her hospitality, service and quality! Somebody can self-evidently been born with these character traits, yet a lot can be taught, too. And that starts with a solid basis. For that reason, we started the JAM! Academy, where clients have the opportunity to let their employees follow online hospitality trainings.

The JAM! Academy is home to a big amount of basic trainings – think of a general introduction, social hygiene and mise en place. Are you searching for that extra ounce of knowledge for your employees? Then there are advancement courses for e.g. wine and beer, but also for managers. These trainings can be executed by your employees in the blink of an eye. Moreover, you can top up the catalogue with personal trainings, focused on your own hospitality business.

What does the hospitality training look like?

The JAM! Academy trainings consist out of a basic instruction, relevant information and test questions. After every piece of instruction, questions concerning this info will follow. This way, you can test exactly if your staff member has remembered this knowledge! The kind of questions range: for instance, there are ABC-formats, ‘true’/’not true’ possibilities and questions where one links two answering options to one another. You can read more about the content of the JAM! Academy in our blog.

Your custom made training

Next to using the existing JAM! Academy trainings, it’s also possible to create your own online course with us. We carry all the knowledge and expertise to create a signature hospitality training for your business. So do you have a format in mind or is there already an onboarding for your staff that you’d like to transfer into an online course? It could all become reality. We work with a young and dynamic team. Plus: we enjoy the latest software, which means we can create amazing courses inexpensively and quickly. This all means that the JAM! Academy is an extra service with an effect than shouldn’t be underestimated in a successful hospitality business. Are you seeking for more information about the JAM! Academy? Then you can get in contact with our Content Creator Wieteke.