What is the recruitment and secondment service of JAM!?

With our Recruitment and Secondment service, we take care of recruiting and contacting your fixed and flex employees. You will stay flexible and decide who joins your team.

We arrange:

  • Tailored vacancies.
  • Posting vacancies and filtering resumés.
  • The first few job interviews, that our recruiters carry out for you.
  • All legal issues for the fixed and flex workers.
  • Lively, vivid vacancies by shooting pictures and videos of your hospitality business.

For a fraction of the price it would cost you to do it yourself. Calculate below how much JAM! would save you annually.


The pressed shortage of horeca staff makes recruitment and selection a big effort

X It takes time to write and put out vacancies.
X Recruitment agencies cost a lot of money.
X Advertisements on recruitment websites and social media channels don’t generate responses.
X Setting up contracts with your fixed and flex workers is a hassle


JAM! relieves you from all of your administrative recruitment tasks. With our solid selection of applicants, we only offer you the best candidates. You remain in control.
recruitment detachering voor de horeca JAM!

The advantages of JAM! 


Pool of hospitality candidates

Because JAM! purely focuses on the hospitality sector, we already have a great pool of potential hospitality employees for your business.

More flexible and cheaper than recruitment agencies

From flex to fixed staff, JAM! takes care of all contractual issues and recruitment. We are faster, more efficient, and because of that cheaper than recruitment agencies.

Photo and video service to make vacancies more lively

Impressions of the look and feel of your business are very important to your brand image that future employees will check before they apply. Pictures of your sommelier and videos of your chef preparing a spectacular dish – we will make your business come to life.  

Sharp price with a fixed conversion factor

JAM! handles a fixed conversion factor per worked hour. This way, you are never confronted with additional taxes. This also applies to (long term) absenteeism, vacation days, vacation money, et cetera. Our factor is all-in.