Conversion factor


Take care of your salary administration with the easy MyJAM! app


  • App for all the worked hours and payroll administration
  • Legal advice for every situation in the workplace
  • First week illness is own risk
  • A fixed contact person
  • Incidental costs for legal hours and service hours
  • The service of the JAM! team is charged at an hourly rate


Conversion factor


The most benefits!
JAM! arranges your complete payroll and HR for a fixed all-in rate.


  • No employer risks
  • App for all of your hours and payroll administration
  • Legal advice for every situation in the workplace
  • Payroll administration is done for you
  • Absenteeism management
  • Recruitment and HR with a fixed HR manager
  • Training and education budget
  • Premium and subsidy optimization
  • Sickness costs included
  • Transition allowance included
  • Unlimited service of the JAM! team, without charging hours


When you have specific wishes

Contact us to make a selection for a tailored plan

How do the tariffs get calculated?

JAM! handles a fixed conversion factor per worked hour. This way, you are never confronted with an additional tax. This also applies to (long term) absenteeism, vacation days, vacation money, et cetera. Our factor is all-in.

How does the conversion factor work?

The rate that you pay as a business owner is based on the conversion factor. This factor consists of the following components, among others:

  • The amount of employees
  • The amount of worked hours of an employee
  • The pension
  • The amount of vacation days
  • Included risks (for example, own risk in case of an ill employee)
  • The payrolling and HR activities you want to outsource

We calculate your rate by multiplying the gross salary of your employees with the conversion factor. Because JAM! unburdens hospitality businesses completely, you save significantly more than when you take care of all of your insurances, HR and administration by yourself or when outsourcing it to other companies.

Calculate below how much JAM! would save you annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

The relation with your employees will only grow stronger because of the extra time JAM! enables you to have. You can use this time to invest in your team. Meanwhile, JAM! operates in the background and doesn’t interfere with anything in the workplace. We support your process and make sure all employee issues are taken care of.
JAM! unburdens you of all the transitional work. We take care of the required information, and take the time to inform your employees. Together with you, we make a schedule so your JAM! contact persons are available to personally answer any question the employees of your hospitality business(es) might have.
Yes, definitely! He or she will be able to spend more time on the team. For example, it’s organization and quality, and the satisfaction of your employees. JAM! will take over the administration and legal obligations. This way, an HR manager can do the tasks they are educated for.
The most important thing to know is that a JAM! contract contains the exact same working conditions as the contract your employees currently have. They won’t suffer any decline or losses by this new contract.

JAM! also wants to play an active role in communicating the transfer. We inform you extensively, but spend even more time informing your employees. By organizing individual employee meetings on location before the transfer, we make sure all employees know exactly what to expect of us.

JAM! already has 8.000 employees working at over 340 organizations. All these 340 businesses have made the same transfer you are thinking about right now. And it doesn’t matter if this business is a lunchroom with only 3 employees working there for 15 years or a hospitality group with over 400 employees; JAM! makes sure everyone agrees to the transfer.
An accountant does your payroll administration and might even set up an employment contract. JAM! also does these tasks, but also provides a complete HR service. We proactively advise you about all choices that need to be made on employee issues. We recruit new employees. We also make sure you follow all legislations and regulations rightfully and optimally within your business. Check out our service pages to find the complete summary of all the things we do for our relations.
First of all, it is important to think of everything that comes with salary costs. You have the net salary and the payment to the tax authorities, but also issues like absenteeism insurance or the costs making salary slips. All these costs would drop the moment you start working with JAM!.

Another variable is the premiums you pay to the tax authorities as an organization. JAM! is a big employer, which may lead to different remittances than your organization has. On top of that, the size of JAM! is where the advantages come from. For you, this would mean the costs of an absenteeism insurance, the arbo (The Health & Safety Service), making salary slips, and all the time you spend doing this, would drop. All the things you are outsourcing as a standalone organization right now. JAM! does this for over 340 companies. In the end, this guarantees a decline in your costs!
Because we only collaborate with hospitality businesses. Our whole organization is focussed on this. We don’t have to look into every collective labour agreement of the businesses we collaborate with. We handle only the hospitality collective labour agreements. The WAB also makes sure all labour agreements are equal. This makes our work even better. The advantages we offer you, like the cost saving, stay put. And all this while your employees continue to work under the same conditions.
Before, as a payroll employee, you would fall in the category of the CLA for Temporary Agency Workers. Because of this, people had contracts which also allowed them to work for other organizations. This changed because of the WAB. They now work exclusively for you, with a collective labour agreement that has identical conditions. They can’t be put to work elsewhere by JAM! and they also have their contracts.
You remain their employer. Your employees stay in service with you, and still discuss issues like salary or working hours with you. JAM! will become their legal employer, which only leads to advantages for them. We take care of all administrative issues regarding their employment. Think of the collective labour agreement, the paying of their salary in time, their pension and possible absence. At our office, there is a whole team available to make sure everything is perfectly taken care of regarding your employees. On top of that, there are fixed contact persons at JAM!, who are up to date on all issues. Your employees can contact them with all administrative questions.
Yes, you will have your own JAM! HR manager that takes care of everything. She advises you on all choices that need to be made. She also handles all the questions you and your employees have. She is practically a direct colleague, but works at a distance!
We don’t work in terms with our relations. This keeps us sharp to always deliver the best services for you.
We have our own JAM! recruiters, who help our relations to structurally fill in their job vacancies. We don’t do this by delivering someone for a one time shift; we provide you with vast employees that are willing to work long term.

Also, JAM! works with the platform DEATS, on which you can scroll through profiles of hospitality candidates. You match with the people you find interesting! (
We will always stimulate you to do this. If you contact us, telling us you wish to do so, we will bring you in contact with the right persons. Let us know if you want to speak to an employee, a restaurant owner or a HR manager of a client and we will send you the right contact information!