Payroll means carefree business.

Without the administrative employer issues, with absolute control and access.


What is payroll?

Having JAM! as your payroll partner can be compared to outsourcing your legal and administrative tasks and responsibilities. By using payroll, your employees will be on the standing payroll of JAM!  You maintain absolute control over the management and contractual conditions of your employees, and JAM!, as a payroll partner, takes over the periodic and incidental employer responsibilities for you.

Through cooperation with JAM!, payroll administration – such as creating pay slips, drafting employment contracts, and processing wage and pension declarations – are taken over for you. Your employees will be paid by JAM!  In the event of illness your employees are entitled to a benefit, where the responsibilities lie with JAM!. We keep you informed of changes in legislation and regulations and advise you on this. To pay your employees, you only need to provide periodic hours or changes, and JAM! will do the rest. You maintain access to your administration and JAM! provides reports of costs and periodic trends. This keeps you in control and gives you freedom as an entrepreneur, within your company.