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Wieteke Vonk

Hospitality entrepreneurs give 7 tips: how to create a successful business

Managing a successful hospitality business is easier said than done, but definitely a feasible goal with the right resources. In our previous article, we gave advice on how entrepreneurs can attract customers to their bar or restaurant. Yet, it’s equally as important to take talented staff under your wing! How can one create a place where a hospitality star would like to work? We asked a few successful hospitality entrepreneurs in Nijmegen that we work with, and they had a fresh take on the subject. Read further for their seven tips.Lees meer

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Wieteke Vonk

How to attract people to your bar? These 5 tips let you succeed

With a Dutch average of 62.8 bars in a radius of 5 kilometer, there’s no such thing as a café shortage in this country (source: CBS). Because we work together with lots of hospitality businesses at JAM!, we’re very aware of this fact. There are a number of fun activities that you can organize to make sure people visit your bar, and not your neighbor’s. Do you already know which ones?Lees meer

Wieteke Vonk

The JAM! Academy: hospitality courses for higher productivity and more fun

What changes a hospitality employee into a winning waiter, a kitching king or a duke of dishes? Right: his/her hospitality, service and quality! Somebody can self-evidently been born with these character traits, yet a lot can be taught, too. And that starts with a solid basis. For that reason, we started the JAM! Academy, where clients have the opportunity to let their employees follow online hospitality training. In other words: it’s an investment worth making for a successful hospitality business.

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Meet MyJAM!: our new online portal

At JAM!, we’re always looking for innovative methods to make work even easier and more efficient for both our clients and employees. The past four months, we’ve been bundling our ideas. You can see a sneak peek of the end result on the cover photo! Lees meer