What is JAM!’s management report service?

JAM! gives you insight into the total financial picture of your staff and advises you on how to lower your costs.

We arrange:

  • Detailed reports with all the expenses of your employees.
  • Only pay for worked hours via JAM!.
  • Insight into how your labor costs develop in comparison to your previous terms.
  • Advice on lowering your labor costs.

For a fraction of the price it would cost you to do it yourself. Calculate below how much JAM! would save you annually.

Management rapportages voor de horeca JAM!

No insight into your costs leads to wrong decision making

X It is hard to gain insight into your total labor costs, because of various aspects like reservations, continued payment during illness, payroll administration and insurances.
X The balance of your labor costs in relation to your revenue is not clear.
X Your costs are too high, even when your employees are non-active.


JAM! provides a complete insight into your labor costs and makes sure you are only paying when your employees are actually working.
Management rapportages voor de horeca JAM!

The advantages of JAM! 


Complete insight into your numbers

You know exactly what is costing you money and what the differences are each term, so you can estimate future costs very precisely.

Save money

Through JAM!, you only pay for the worked hours and not for employees who are not working.

Proactively steering your labor costs

We advise you on how to arrange your staffing and labor costs as efficiently as possible.

Sharp price with a fixed conversion factor

JAM! handles a fixed conversion factor per worked hour. This way, you are never confronted with additional taxes. This also applies to (long term) absenteeism, vacation days, vacation money, et cetera. Our factor is all-in.