With JAM!, the factor/price you pay is good, in comparison to other payroll companies

Marja van der Made, Owner

Focussing on what you’re good at

Best Western Hotel De Korenbeurs offers their guests a cozy and tasteful experience against a reasonable price. Marja van der Made is the proud owner of the atmospheric hotel-restaurant. Marja explains that she chose to start working with a payroller to ‘unburden theirselves.’ Marja finds it important that ‘we can focus ourselves on the things that we’re good at, and the things that we like.’ Employee administration and employer risks that payroll partners take on, could make this dream reality.

One-on-one contract

JAM!’s payroll services offered the organization clear advantages. Marja says: ‘The factor you pay, the price, is good in comparison to other payroll companies.’ The contact was also as she wishes, very personal. The one-on-one contact is something Marja finds unique about the services of JAM!. ‘I don’t have to deal with other people every time. Also, the collaboration has always been going smoothly. Since the start, for example, the takeover of the employees and the way how this went, Marja explains.

Unburdened in employee administration

Marja has been saving time and effort in employee administration for quite some time now, because of JAM!’s services. ‘What I myself find the most pleasing, is that you no longer have to worry in case of an illness or sickleave. All the little regulations, that is a whole business of its own and takes up so much energy and time. I don’t have to do that anymore now, and that is the most valuable to me.’ Marja would definitely recommend JAM! as payroll partner to other companies.

At a glance

60 employees

3.500 worked hours each month

Saving 6% of the costs by transferring to JAM!