How does the HR management of JAM! work?

We are your personal sparring partner and constructively think along about all HR matters. The hospitality industry is our primary focus, so we are always ready to help you with our expertise. Your employees can also contact us with all of their questions. Our HR team is 24/7 at your and your employees’ service.


We take care of:

  • Fixed HR Managers that are always reachable for customers
  • All expertise and contact persons at hand in the field of the hospitality industry
  • Proactive help with advice about every situation

For a fraction of the price it would cost you to do it yourself. Calculate below how much JAM! would save you annually.

hr management voor de horeca JAM!

The hospitality entrepreneurship demands too much on demand knowledge

X You are confronted with issues, but you don’t know how to solve them.
X Sick or dysfunctioning staff is your responsibility entirely.
X You don’t know what to focus on when hiring new employees.
X You collect your knowledge through many different parties, which takes a lot of time.


JAM! has expert advice at hand about all kinds of HR issues, so you can make the best decisions quickly.
hr management voor de horeca JAM!

The advantages of JAM!


No more hassle with your employees

Your employees can come to us with all of their contract-related questions. This saves you time, which you can spend on bonding with your staff. 

No more work sorting out HR issues

You can simply hand over all kinds of HR issues to us via mail, telephone or WhatsApp. Your fixed contact person will handle the issue immediately.

One party with solutions you didn’t think of yourself

Because of our focus on the hospitality industry, you can make great use of our expertise. We provide solutions about cases before you even think about it yourself.

Sharp price with a fixed conversion factor

JAM! handles a fixed conversion factor per worked hour. This way, you are never confronted with additional taxes. This also applies to (long term) absenteeism, vacation days, vacation money, et cetera. Our factor is all-in.