The specialist in hospitality payroll.

Working uninterrupted without additional paperwork.

Are you spending more time in the office than necessary? Do you think that you spend too much time on administrative peripherals? JAM! hospitality payroll offers the solution. We will take over all legal employer responsibilities and associated risks for you.


Entrepreneurship without worry.

You remain responsible for everything that happens in the workplace. JAM! takes over all administrative obligations and simultaneously offers complete HR support.

Due to our specialist knowledge, we can process issues faster and more accurately. That way, we both do what we do best. This allows you to fully focus on business.

On paper as well as payroll, your employees are employed by JAM! But they work only for you. We share the tasks that employer responsibility brings with it.

Meer over Our service
Meer over Our service

We work, among others, for.

What does payroll have to offer you?

A payroll partner takes over all administrative and legal obligations for you. Payroll also provides legal expertise and personal service to both the employer and the employee. Your company saves time, costs, and no longer runs unnecessary risks, while it gains flexibility and efficiency.

JAM! takes over all employer responsibilities and risks from you as a payroll partner. We are always in personal contact with you and your employees. With the periodic overviews and analysis that we provide, you stay in control while we do the work. In addition, JAM! offers a rate that saves on costs. This is how we do what we do best: you in entrepreneurship, we in employment. That makes us the best employer in the catering industry.

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Meer over Benefits of payroll
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